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Rent Suzuki Vitara in Kiev

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1.6 / Gasoline / АТ
Make: Suzuki
Suzuki Vitara- Narscars
Make: Suzuki
  • Body type SFAR
  • Engine1.6 L 120 hp
  • Transmission type АТ
  • Fuel type Gasoline
  • Fuel consumption (average)6.2 L
Rental prices
Fixed price
1-3 days
35$ /per day
4-9 days
35$ /per day
10-25 days
35$ /per day
26+ days
35$ /per day

Suzuki Vitara rental without a driver in Kiev

Pay attention to the rental service of Suzuki Vitara in Kiev – compact and dynamic crossover from the Japanese manufacturer. Auto has a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 120 horsepower consuming only 6.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Offered for Rent Suzuki Vitara – car with automatic transmission. Its characteristic features are excellent handling and high security (5 out of 5 stars rated by Euro NCAP).

The car can comfortably accommodate 5 people in the cabin. For comfort of the driver and passengers the conditioner is provided. A 374-liter trunk is enough to accommodate purchases or other less-than-overall luggage.

Suzuki Vitara rental without deposit

If you are planning to hire Suzuki Vitara in Kiev for a period of 3 days or more, consider renting without deposit. To use this service your age must be not less than 23 years and driving experience from 2 years.

Call us to book a Suzuki Vitara for the period you need and personally evaluate all the advantages of this car.

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