Gifts for the New Year 2020 from NarsCars

Gifts for the New Year 2020 from NarsCars

«Nars Cars» car rental to take care of its customers. So we want to give our clients a NEWYEAR GIFT WITH A SUPER DISCOUNT FOR THE NEXT RENT ;)


*Terms of participation

 1  The location of the Promotion – throughout Ukraine.
 2  Card Issue Period  – when renting a car
 3  Card validity period is –  from 01/20/2020 to 01/03/2020
 4  The discount cannot be converted into cash equivalent and issued to the Participant in cash.
 5  The card CAN BE TRANSMITTED to another persons..
 6  The discount does not cover  the cost of additional options and services, the amount of the pledge and is not aggregated with other discounts, as well as the PREMIUM CLASS.
 7  To participate in the Promotion  just become our customer AND GUARANTEED TO RECEIVE A NEW YEAR'S GIFT %

  **For more information call +380 067 120 6584 

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