Rent a car for a wedding Zaporizhzhia


Wedding car rental in Zaporozhye: turn a fairy tale into a stylish reality

Regardless of how wedding traditions change, one thing remains unchanged - the newlyweds should have their own "carriage". How many "horses" will it have and what kind of salon? NasCars will help you choose an option that will complement an unforgettable celebration.

The wedding car rental service in Zaporozhye is ideal for those who want to have a wedding with glamor and splendor and save their budget. Which style do you prefer: classic, rock or exotic? At NasCars, you get what you are looking for on the most favorable terms. After all, we draw up a contract individually.

Wedding car rental in Zaporozhye: features

A wedding is a ritual, the memories of which the couple will have for the rest of their lives. Therefore, every detail is more important here than ever. Moreover, the car. On the one hand, one should be effective and memorable, and on the other, multifunctional and reliable.

The NasCars catalog contains a wide selection of new cars that can satisfy even your wildest expectations. To rent a car, you need:

  • choose a suitable car model;
  • click on the photo;
  • get acquainted with detailed information;
  • fill out a questionnaire;
  • wait for the manager's call to discuss the nuances.

Renting a car for a wedding will save you money and hassle. At NasCars, your ordered car will be inspected, serviced, cleaned and washed to a shine. If necessary, the car will be decorated and delivered directly to the bride's house with a personal driver.

Why NasCars? Company advantages

The advantages of the NasCars company are:

  • qualified employees who know from "A" to "Z" the financial, technical and legal subtleties of car rental. Therefore, be sure that you will receive the most detailed consultation and answers to all questions in your situation;
  • the optimal ratio of price and quality: the cost of our services will pleasantly surprise you;
  • insurance policy for the entire duration of the contract. We will provide you with OSAGO and CASCO insurance;
  • professional round-the-clock support. We are always available, so please contact us for any questions related to the rental and operation of cars in Zaporozhye;
  • transparency and efficiency. To conclude a contract, a minimum package of documents is required. All you need is a Ukrainian passport confirming that you are 23 years old, TIN, license and driving experience of at least 2 years. We sign the contract in a matter of minutes. No guarantors, pledges and paperwork.

Still have questions? Ask us online, by phone or in person.