Rent a car for a wedding Kharkiv


The newlyweds take on the preparation of the wedding long before the day when the registry office employee will tell them: "I declare you husband and wife." This responsible event consists of many nuances, on which the general atmosphere of the holiday depends. Not the last place in the list of important things is the selection of a car for the newlyweds and the motorcade.

A wedding car is the personification of a fabulous carriage, on which the princess and the prince set off on a new, happy life. That is why it is necessary for the car to be comfortable, functional and beautiful. But what if the young couple does not have a suitable vehicle at their disposal? A logical way out of the situation would be to rent a car for a wedding, especially since there is a competent company in Kharkov that is happy to offer its services.

On the NarsCars website you will find a catalog of vehicles of various classes for a holiday of any style. Our managers are ready to help you choose the best car, quickly draw up a contract and advise on all issues of interest.

Wedding car rental: selection features

The wedding day is 24 hours of pleasant excitement and hassle, so it is worthwhile to approach the entire technical part of the celebration as responsibly as possible. If you want to feel confident and relaxed, you need to choose in advance and rent a car for a wedding in Kharkov. In order for the technique to fully meet your expectations, carefully consider the following aspects:

  1. The budget of the event. Are you planning an event for your loved ones? Then it is quite possible to get by with cars of the middle or economy class. Want to impress everyone with luxury? Rent a VIP car from the leading corporations and do not deny yourself anything.
  2. Number of invitees. You shouldn't skimp on comfort: if you expect a lot of guests, it is better to rent a spacious bus, rather than a few small cars.
  3. Celebration style. Today it is not fashionable to arrange ordinary weddings - each holiday has its own peculiarity. In such a situation, it is worth thinking about the appearance of the car.
  4. Season and weather. Convertible cars in late autumn and winter are not relevant.

Car rental for a wedding in Kharkov from NarsCars is a European service at an affordable price. We have been working in the vehicle rental market for more than 6 years and are well versed in all the intricacies of this transaction.

Advantages of renting a car for a wedding at NarsCars

Trusting us, you get quality service and a considerate approach. We strive to help each client in organizing a dream holiday. We are ready to look for individual solutions to the assigned tasks.

Not every company has a full-fledged vehicle fleet of economy, middle and premium classes. Even fewer firms can boast of a staff of professional drivers. We have both. We offer not just car rental for weddings in Kharkov, but a whole range of services. The client receives:

  • beautiful car 2015–2020 release;
  • the desired configuration with additional devices (by prior arrangement);
  • valid insurance policy for the vehicle;
  • personal driver for the selected date (optional);
  • detailed consultations from the company's experts.

To leave a request, fill out a short electronic form, dial the contact phone number or come to our office. Registration of documents for renting a car for a wedding in Kharkov takes a minimum of time and is carried out promptly. The car is handed over to the client in working order, clean and filled with fuel to the eyeballs.

Have questions? Ask our manager right now!