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Daewoo Lanos- Narscars

Rent Daewoo Lanos in Kiev

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1.5 / Gasoline / МТ
  • 4
  • 5
  • 1
  • 2
  • A/C

  • Body typeEDMR
  • Engine1.5 L 86 hp
  • Transmission typeМТ
  • Fuel typeGasoline
  • Fuel consumption (average)6.7 L
Pay when
Days Pay
30 $ 1-3 27 $
28 $ 4-9 26 $
26 $ 10-25 24 $
20 $ 26+ 18 $

Vehicle description

  • Body typeEDMR
  • Engine1.5 L 86 hp
  • Transmission typeМТ
  • Fuel typeGasoline
  • Fuel consumption (average)6.7 L

Rent Daewoo Lanos without a driver in Kiev

The rental service of Daewoo Lanos in Kiev is suitable for everyone who is looking for an inexpensive, unpretentious and at the same time reliable car for several days. This economy-class sedan has long become "popular classics" that is related to its driving characteristics:

  • 1.5-liter gasoline engine with an output of 86 hp.;
  • fuel consumption at 6.7 liters per 100 km;
  • a strong and reliable suspension that perfectly shows itself on domestic roads;
  • high stability and security level;
  • manual transmission.

The salon offered for hire Daewoo Lanos is designed for five people. For their convenience, it is equipped with air conditioning. A spacious (322 l) trunk can easily accommodate purchases and personal items.

Additional services are provided: Wi-fi, GPS, deposit insurance, car feed and a child seat as needed.

Daewoo Lanos Rental without deposit

To rent Daewoo Lanos in Kiev without deposit, you need to be at least 23 years old, have driving experience from 2 years old, and book a car for a period of 3 days or more.

Contact us to reserve this car.

Reviews (2)

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  • 20 September 2018

    Ласточка, машина просто песня. Едет быстро, кушает мало! Ребята в офисе просто лучшие, автомобиль чистый с полным баком дали, быстро обслужили! Рекомендую всем брать у НарсКарс

  • 13 August 2016

    Отличный бюджетный автомобиль. Превосходное соотношение цена-качество.Брали с женой для поездки к родителям за город,нареканий нет,все супер.Спасибо нарскарс.