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Rent Mazda 6 in Lviv

Mazda 6or similar | Business
Gasoline / 6.5 L.
2.5 L 192 hp
Gasoline / 6.5 L.
2.5 L 192 hp

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Customer Reviews


Корабль, что нужно! Я человек не маленький, но Мазде чувствовал себя очень свободно и комфортно. Машиной остался очень доволен!


Брал машину в Одессе. Машина обслуженна, в отличном сосотоянии. Машина использовалась в городе и на трасе. Управлять этой машиной одно удовольствие. Пробег в 600 км за день прошли легко, усталости не было не смотря на убитые дороги. Дочка сказала, следующую машину покупаем именно такую.


Встретили ,обслужили,авто безупречно обслужено. Менеджера очень внимательны,в дорогу дали влажные салфетки и водичку,очень понравилось!

How to book Mazda 6 in Lviv ?

The "NarsCars protection" service is a reliable way to protect yourself and the car during the rental. We provide our customers with the opportunity to use our fleet without worrying about possible financial losses associated with car damage or theft.
We guarantee that your rental will be safe, convenient and worry-free if you choose this service.

*If you do not add NarsCars Protection to your claim and return the vehicle with damage, the repair cost will be deducted from your deposit.

The daily mileage limit is 300 km, but not more than 4500 km per month. In case of overrun, each kilometer is paid additionally according to the company's tariffs;
IMPORTANT! The tenant can order the "Unlimited mileage" service so as not to limit himself in kilometers. The cost of the service is according to the tariffs of the company.

You must have a passport, a driver's license (driving experience of at least 2 years), a bank card and a TIN (for citizens of Ukraine), as well as an age of at least 23 years.

To do this, you need to select the service "Standard protection" or "Full protection" and then you do not need to leave a large deposit.

- Добавьте опцию Стандартная защита или Полная защита в свою аренду и не думайте о рисках, связанных с повреждением кузова. Все расходы будут покрываться страховкой.

The person renting the car Mazda 6 must have a valid driver's license, driving experience of at least 2 years, and at least 23 years of age.

The decision to admit a driver who does not meet these requirements is made individually.

The cost of the Mazda 6 in Lviv rental service depends on several factors, such as the rental period and seasonality. We provide a flexible pricing policy, which may vary depending on these factors.

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Mazda 6 rental

Stylish, sporty, unburdened Mazda 6 sedan is available for hire by Narscars for both short-term and long-term rentals. Luxury and elegance, dynamism and emotionality are the design qualities that are inherent in the flagship models and for good reason, because the Mazda 6 was awarded high marks from customers in the 2013 Best Automotive Design competition and received worldwide recognition.

The interior is exquisite equipment of quality materials with advanced control functions, together with small details, create an amazing and unique interior of the Mazda 6. All materials have been carefully selected before becoming one with the car. Japanese designers sought to embody beauty in every detail, paying special attention to the little things. Sitting behind the wheel of a Mazda 6, you feel as if the car is gently hugging you. Spacious interior, soft and comfortable seats, smooth interior lines-inserts create a futuristic image of the cabin.

Main characteristics:

  • Body - sedan.
  • Engine - 2 l, 192 hp
  • Transmission - automatic transmission.
  • Fuel is gasoline.
  • Consumption (average) - 6.5 liters.
  • Clearance - 145 mm.

Renting a safe and comfortable Mazda 6 with or without a driver is provided by Narscars car rental company, with the possibility of car delivery around the city or outside it. Call!