Rent Nissan Leaf in Lviv

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/ Electro / АТ
Make: Nissan
Nissan Leaf- Narscars
Make: Nissan
  • Body type CDAE
  • Engine L 109 hp
  • Transmission type АТ
  • Fuel type Electro
  • Fuel consumption (average) L
Rental prices
1-3 days 57$ /per day
4-9 days 53$ /per day
10-25 days 47$ /per day
26+ days 44$ /per day

Rent a Nissan Leaf in Lviv at a bargain price

Nissan Leaf is one of the first electric cars that entered mass production and received recognition not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. One of the most interesting and useful features of the electric car is the ability to interact with the owner, as well as remote control through the NissanConnect EV application, which was originally developed specifically for the Leaf. This system allows you to check the battery charge before starting the car. Another interesting feature of the Nissan Leaf is a map with charging stations, with the ability to show empty seats.

How to rent a Nissan Leaf car?

To rent an electric car, you need to provide the original documents:

  • Driver's license.
  • The passport.
  • TIN.

Choose the right time and date, the place of delivery (you can pick up the car both at the point of issue and order targeted delivery) and wait for your rented car. Our company provides Nissan Leaf rental with both a deposit and Full insurance. When renting a car with Full Insurance, the total amount for the rental will increase, but there is no need to leave a deposit and in case of damage to the car body, the renter is relieved of any responsibility. In the case of rental with a deposit, the total rental amount will be less than with Full insurance, but in the event of damage to the car, the repair amount will be fully or partially deducted from the deposit.

Currently, the rental of environmentally friendly cars is very popular among both residents of Ukraine and guests of the country. Call, make a preliminary reservation and enjoy the journey with the electric car Nissan Leaf and Narscars.

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