Car rental Renault

  • Renault Logan II
    1.5 / Diesel / МТ
    ( reviews 3 )
    1-3 days 31 $ /per day
    4-9 days 29 $ /per day
    10-25 days 28 $ /per day
    26+ days 20 $ /per day
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  • Renault Duster
    1.6 / Gasoline / МТ
    ( reviews 3 )
    1-3 days 51 $ /per day
    4-9 days 47 $ /per day
    10-25 days 38 $ /per day
    26+ days 33 $ /per day
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  • Renault Kangoo
    1.5 / Diesel / МТ
    ( reviews 2 )
    1-3 days 59 $ /per day
    4-9 days 54 $ /per day
    10-25 days 49 $ /per day
    26+ days 45 $ /per day
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  • Renault Lodgy
    1.5 / Diesel / МТ
    ( reviews 3 )
    1-3 days 80 $ /per day
    4-9 days 72 $ /per day
    10-25 days 66 $ /per day
    26+ days 60 $ /per day
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Inexpensive Renault car rental in all major cities of Ukraine

If you need a reliable and comfortable car for business trips, traveling around the country or visiting relatives, then the solution is to rent a Renault from NarsCars.

Simple calculations help to understand that renting a Renault at NarsCars is more profitable than using a taxi if you need to make active and long trips, including outside the city.

  • We have favorable rates for renting a Renault - from $21 per day. The rental price depends on the chosen car model and the period of using the service.
  • The daily mileage limit in the base fare is 300 kilometers. You can order the "Unlimited Mileage" service for only $10.
  • Additional equipment necessary for traveling in comfort (child seat, GPS navigator or Wi-Fi router) is installed at the request of the client.

At NarsCars rental points you can rent Renault of any model. A large car park includes passenger cars and vehicles for the transport of goods. You can choose a car with a petrol engine or a diesel engine, with a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. The minimum rental period is 1 day.

There are regional offices of NarsCars in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv and other large cities of Ukraine. The geography of your trips is not limited. You can, for example, order a car rental in Lviv and return it to the NarsCars office in any other city. The cost of the service is indicated on the "Terms and Conditions" page.

To order a Renault rental in Odessa or another city, book a car on the website or by calling the phone number indicated on the website.