Why is it better to choose a crossover or a jeep for traveling in Ukraine?

For traveling in Ukraine, a crossover or a jeep is better

Traveling within the country is one of the favorite pastimes for many Ukrainians. There are many tourist routes, interesting sights, memorable places in the country. But there are downsides - the lack of infrastructure and public transport, so you have to think over the road yourself.

Also, the quality of the road surface leaves much to be desired not only on intercity routes, but also in many cities of Ukraine. That is why it is recommended to use an SUV or crossover for travel. It is not necessary to buy a jeep for such purposes - you can rent the most attractive car at any time.

The quality of the roads and the cross-country ability of the car

There are more than 170 thousand km of roads throughout the country, of which only 50 thousand km are of national importance. Therefore, the state motor transport service Ukravtodor is engaged in the repair and monitoring of the state of the latter. The remaining more than one hundred thousand kilometers were transferred to city and regional services.

According to some surveys, the problem of the quality of the road surface is of interest to every third driver and almost half of those who regularly travel outside the city on business. More than 85% of the total road surface does not meet European quality standards. Repair work is carried out locally, with the replacement of particularly problematic areas. The remaining track is being repaired according to the leftover principle - in fact, patching is being carried out.

Not surprisingly, drivers are concerned about the condition of the suspension and the rest of the vehicle. Low cross-country ability directly contributes to an increase in the likelihood of accidents. The problem is especially acute in the off-season and in winter, when mud and snow negatively affect the quality of the coating. Potholes during this period are less noticeable; in the dark, movement becomes more dangerous.

That is why it is recommended to use a type of car such as an SUV for long trips. Such models have some features and advantages that you should pay attention to before you rent a car for travel.

Crossover or jeep

What characteristics to pay attention to when choosing?

First of all, you should think about which route you have to overcome. Depending on this, the class of the car that can be rented will also change. Most often for intercity travel it is recommended to use:

  • SUV;
  • crossover.

Despite some common features, both types of cars have different characteristics. So, the crossover is equipped with a high ground clearance, but it cannot boast of excellent cross-country ability. It makes sense to rent such a car, only if you do not plan to travel far outside the city. But if you want to overcome some parts of the forest, drive through wetlands, then the SUV will be an excellent choice.

These are not the only parameters to keep in mind. Before concluding a rental agreement at NarsCars, you should pay attention to:

  • spaciousness - depending on the brand, the cabin can accommodate from five to eight people;
  • body type - frame cars or cars with a load-bearing type can be used;
  • number of functions - a minimum set is recommended, this includes climate control, airbags, heated seats, sound insulation;
  • trunk volume - directly affects the amount of supplies and clothes that you can take with you on a trip;
  • a gearbox - for active off-road and forest areas it is worth renting from a manual gearbox, while an automatic machine is enough for difficult road sections;
  • drive - for long trips outside the city, it is better to use four-wheel drive cars;
  • fuel consumption - SUVs are "gluttonous", and many models consume more than 10 liters per 100 km, even on flat areas.

Do not forget about personal preferences - you should be comfortable while driving. If you are in doubt about the choice and do not know how to choose the right option, we recommend that you contact NarsCars specialists for advice.

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Domestic tourism will help you and your family get a lot of positive emotions, you just need to pay attention to where you plan to travel and how long the trip will last. You can choose a car among the top popular among our customers (Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi Outlander, Skoda Kodiaq, Renault Duster, Hyundai Tucson) or prefer any other.

  • Interesting

Any driver knows that the condition and quality of the road plays the most important role when driving a car. There is an unspoken opinion that the level of development of the state depends on the state of its road surfaces. Today, the level of construction of highways and autobahns is so high that you can drive along them quietly, quickly and smoothly.


The automotive industry in Japan today is one of the most developed and largest industries in the world. Japanese car manufacturers are constantly focused on the development and implementation of technological innovation, product improvement and safety. Such success was achieved thanks to thoughtful and purposeful development. Historically, the auto industry has developed in stages, having made a major breakthrough in the middle of the last century.


Without exaggeration, a seat belt keeps the life and health of the driver and passengers during an accident. Despite the invention of the airbag, the belt shows the best results during research in various accidents on the road. But many drivers in Ukraine stubbornly ignore him. Let's figure out whether you need a seat belt for road users or not.

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Tourist tours across Ukraine. Car Tours | Ukraine is one of the countries where many tourist routes are hidden. You can easily discover new destinations for both short-term tourism and long-term travel. The only thing that can get in the way is the lack of accessible infrastructure. It is easy to solve this problem by renting a car. You just have to think over the purpose of the trip, what cities and places you want to visit. A properly selected car on the NarsCars service will brighten up your trip, regardless of the season.


To travel freely around the country, you do not have to be the owner of an SUV, especially if you do not need to drive a car for work and you prefer not to be behind the wheel. It is much more profitable to rent a suitable car for both short and long trips. You don't have to take care of it all year, organize a garage for storage and spend money on a purchase - just invest in the budget for the rent. This is beneficial if you prefer not to use your own transport on ordinary days. Also, the rental will interest those whose car is not suitable for the type of travel that they decided to choose. For example, you have a small passenger car for the city, which is quite suitable in all respects. But for a long trip with luggage, it will obviously not be enough.


Acquaintance with the central regions of Ukraine should start with the fourth most populous city in our country. This is the largest transport and railway junction, which was predicted during the construction of the future of the third capital of the once mighty empire. Yekaterinoslav (in different years - Novorossiysk, Sicheslav, Krasnodneprovsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepr) received the title of a large industrial giant in the second half of the 19th century, after which it was closed to foreigners.


Unlike cultural and measured Europe, distant America, exotic Asia and Africa, in which all-inclusive Ukraine attracts tourists with an adventure drive, unpredictability and extreme. Our colorful, contradictory and at the same time beautiful country offers tens of kilometers of beaches, a scattering of resorts and many beautiful places for summer holidays.