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Rating 4.6/5
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Car Rental Services in Dnipro

Hire a car in Dnipro

Driving your own car is the fastest and most comfortable way of getting around the big city. The same goes for Dnipro. Even though there are multiple ways of public transportation such as buses, subways, and trams, they are always crowded and pretty slow in such a big and hectic city. However, having a personal vehicle is not an option for many people. This is why NarsCars offers car renting in Dnipro for any tourists, business people, and local citizens. Rental a car for personal use during a certain period will make your trip much more convenient and efficient.

Dnipro is an important industrial and scientific hub in the country, which means that plenty of business executives and scientists regularly visit the city on business trips. The tourist sphere is also constantly developing, and both foreigners and Ukrainians from other parts of the country often come to the city. However, even the local people often need to rent a car for various purposes. Here are some of the most popular uses of a rented car:

  • Having a convenient solution for transporting a large number of people during an event or a celebration;
  • Selecting a luxurious car model to create a favorable impression on your business associates;
  • Having a spare car option when your own vehicle undergoes some kind of repairing or cleaning works;
  • Using the rental auto for business trips during your working hours at the company.

Car rental in Dnipro

Car rental in Dnipro for Convenience and at a Reasonable Price

At NarsCars, we provide a wide range of car rental solutions in Dnipro at accessible prices. Depending on your financial possibilities, you can select any model and service for your specific purposes:

  • Any model of car from economy option to luxurious solution;
  • Extra services for enhanced experience. We offer to rent GPS devices, safety chairs for children, and other equipment;
  • The number of days for car hire. The long periods of use are priced lower than daily ones;
  • Renting with prepayment or without it. There are different solutions for each case.

It is extremely simple to place an order with NarsCars. Everyone who wants to rent a car in Dnipro can do it via a phone call or on the website. The online reservations allow special discounts for 15% of the price.

How Can I Hire a Car in Dnipro?

The conditions for renting a car are the following:

  • Being at least twenty-three years old;
  • Driving for at least two years already;
  • Having an official license.

You will have to submit your passport (foreign passport is allowed as well) and your license. The vehicle can be picked up at the renting point or any other location of your choice.

Car rental in Dnipro downtown

Car Renting with no Deposits

The prepayment is important for making sure that any unexpected situations will be covered. However, it is up to the client to choose to pay half of the deposit or not paying it at all. This way, the full cost of the services will be higher at the end. A deposition works as a guarantee that the car will be returned in perfect condition. When taking the car, each client receives it perfectly clean and fueled up.

The Many Benefits of NarsCars Car Hire

In Dnipro, anyone can hire a car quickly and without trouble by signing a contract with NarsCars. Here are the key benefits of the company:

  • A broad variety of car models with insurance and technical support;
  • Different methods of booking available through the website and your phone;
  • Competitive and reasonable prices on Ukrainian market;
  • Special offers for business clients.

We provide the best car hiring solutions in Dnipro. Try our services for yourself!