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The most beautiful roads in the world

The most beautiful roads in the world

Breathtaking landscapes and magnificent views outside the car window will make even the most boring and long journey bright and unforgettable. A great way to get inspired while traveling and return home with pockets full of inspiration is to drive the most beautiful roads in the world. Recently, independent auto travel has become widespread and popular, turning into a separate direction of tourism. It is not architectural sightseeing that comes to the fore here, but a kind of “meditation” while driving surrounded by beautiful terrain.

Which countries are lucky with scenic trails

For some countries, natural beauty has become a real highlight, which annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists. Due to the fact that our planet is very beautiful, good views can be found on any continent and make your route so that you are sure to get acquainted with the most iconic ones. For example, in the Old World, universal admiration was won by:

  • the Saint Gotthard mountain pass in the Swiss Alps with a road from Italy to Switzerland laid along it;
  • the famous Romanian Transfagaras - the Carpathian mountain highway;
  • the most dangerous of the Alpine serpentine roads Col De Turini;
  • the highest mountain road in Europe, the Austrian Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse;
  • German Romantic road;
  • the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy;
  • Irish Ring of Kerry.

There are quite a few trails on the Asian mainland that will allow the tourist to touch the mysterious soul of the East:

  • the world famous Pamir Highway;
  • Chinese Big Gate Road to Tianmen Peak;
  • part of the ancient Silk Road - Karakorum Highway;
  • Japanese Iroha-Zaka.

Africa is famous for such roads as:

  • South African mountain road Chapman's Peak Drive;
  • Namibian Sossusvlei road;

road chapman's peak drive

The United States of America and Canada attract hundreds of thousands of autotourists with the incredible beauty of their landscapes, which are accessible to the largest possible number of people thanks to excellent autobahns and tracks:

  • the Denali Highway in Alaska;
  • famous California Highway;
  • party place Ocean Drive;
  • America's favorite road Blue Ridge Parkway;
  • Seward Highway.

In South America are located:

  • Bolivian Death Road;
  • The longest route on the mainland is Ruta 40.

It is worth getting acquainted with Australia by driving along the Great Pacific Route. And being in South Zealand, you should definitely drive along the picturesque Milford Road and State Highway 80.

Incredible discoveries around every corner

Car travel sometimes requires great skill and unflagging attention from drivers, since some of the mountain routes in most countries do not have fences.

1. Europe

For example, the legendary Swiss Saint Gotthard Pass is still very dangerous, although very beautiful. Alpine nature is great, but there are practically no organized places to stop on the track. The Transfagaras highway is deservedly one of the ten most popular attractions in Romania. On it you can drive along the arch of the hydroelectric power station and admire Lake Vidraru, get to the mountain lake Bylja, visit Bran Castle and get acquainted with the beauties of Wallachia.

The relatively small width and the abundance of sharp turns make the Col de Turini incredibly dangerous, but at the same time very interesting. The road runs through the most beautiful canyons and gorges, bridges and mountain landscapes. The driver should keep to a speed of 30 km / h, so as not to fly off the road.

A trip along the panoramic Grossglockner road, which runs along alpine meadows and leads to the highest mountain of Austria of the same name, will give you a lot of impressions. There are four playgrounds for children, many information points, a museum and hiking trails.

The most famous road in Germany is considered to be the "Romantic Road", which united the main attractions of the German lands - green meadows and vineyards, ancient monasteries and ancient castles. It passes through many large and small cities where you can and should stop.

The Amalfi Coast is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and a trip along it will give the brightest emotions. Motorists are breathtaking from the colorful tiny houses of small settlements, magnificent natural landscapes.

The Ring of Kerry Coastal Highway offers some of Ireland's most beautiful cliffs, coves and beaches. There are many natural and man-made attractions here: waterfalls, lakes, medieval castles and seaside villages.

2. Asia

One of the most picturesque alpine highways in the world, the Pamir Highway passes through three passes. Behind each of them, the traveler's car is waiting for new, literally crazy landscapes. As you climb, the surrounding beauty will make you forget about everything in the world for a long time.

People come to Mount Tianmen to admire the pristine nature, the mystical arch "Heaven's Gate", numerous natural and man-made wonders located along a winding serpentine with stunning views of the panorama of the sacred mountain.

The highest mountain highway in the world or the Karakorum road passes by bottomless gorges, fast rivers and eternal ice of the highest mountains of the Earth. Here you will enjoy the wild beauty of Western China and Pakistan, see many historical monuments, and come across a colorful ethnographic color.

road iroha-zaka

3. Africa

The Chapman's Peak Drive, short in length (only 5 km), gives all the lucky ones a chance to admire the most beautiful seascapes. Since the road is often closed due to bad weather and rockfalls, not many people can really see the beauty. To feel the charm of the wild sands of the desert, to see the bright colors and incredible surfaces of Deadfly, to climb the famous Dunes 45 and Big Daddy will allow a trip along the Sossusvlei road.

4. North America

You can start your acquaintance with the untouched nature of Alaska by driving along the Denali Highway. The road has a predominantly gravel surface, so it is practically not used in large quantities. But the daredevils on SUVs will have magnificent views of the glaciers and mountains of the Central Range of Alaska.

Traveling along the California Highway along the Pacific coast will allow you to get acquainted with picturesque towns, numerous bays and amazing landscapes. The vast majority of high capes are equipped with comfortable viewing platforms.

Driving along Ocean Drive in Miami will not please you with natural beauties, but you will see numerous restaurants, bars and hotels that have repeatedly appeared in Hollywood films and TV shows.

Blue Ridge Parkway has been declared a protected area due to its great popularity among tourists. Throughout the route (755 km) there are many observation platforms for a comfortable stay, enjoying panoramic views of mountains and waterfalls.

Part of the difficult Alaskan route is the Seward Highway. Driving along it, you will see the mountains and the Kenai Peninsula, Turnagain Bay and the Chugach Reserve - the northernmost forest in the United States.

5. South America

Every year, thousands of daredevils come to Bolivia to drive through the most dangerous mountainous area - the Road of Death. Tourists are waiting for the lack of fences and pavement, sharp elevation changes (1200-4200 m) and dizzying cliffs. Those who can overcome themselves will see the magnificent rainforest and rise above the clouds.

The national pride of Argentina and other South American countries is the longest (almost 5 thousand km) road Ruta 40. It crosses 23 mountain passes, many small and 18 large rivers, 20 reserves. The longest route of the continent originates from Tierra del Fuego and ends near Bolivia. In some areas, especially in Patagonia, civilization is practically absent.

6. Australia and New Zealand

The Great Pacific Way is considered Australia's most beautiful route. A leisurely drive will give the traveler the opportunity to see majestic waterfalls, beaches, caves, national reserves, as well as the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

New Zealand's Milford Road gained popularity after the release of the film "The Lord of the Rings". The difficult route will require great driving skills, but will lead past the magical dense forest, Mirror Lake, through the gorge and tunnel to the eighth wonder of the world - the Milford Sound fjord.

road in california

The best types of cars to travel

For a quality holiday, you need more than just a safe and reliable car. The vehicle must be roomy, comfortable and meet the needs of all travelers. In addition, excellent technical characteristics, economical fuel consumption and a suspension suitable for the terrain are required.

For example, for trips on mountain roads and passes, as well as dirt tracks, the best choice would be to rent a powerful all-wheel drive SUV with improved cross-country ability.

A cabriolet will help you fully appreciate the beauty of the sea coastal landscape and the mild, warm climate. A vehicle with an opening roof is also great for a small honeymoon trip. Renting a minivan or a spacious sedan will allow you to explore the natural beauties of the whole family without the slightest discomfort, staying overnight at campsites.

Going on a solo trip to Europe, rent economical, compact cars to get the maximum experience with minimum investment.

We offer cars for any trips

In America and Europe, car tourism is an extremely popular holiday destination. In our country, its development is just beginning, so there is a good chance to become a pioneer and find something that no one has known before. Going on a long tour, remember that the main thing in a car is comfort (it should be convenient for everyone), safety and economy.

When you want to leave to travel, but your own car is not suitable for the chosen route or you just feel sorry for it, NarsCars will come to the rescue. For long-distance trips in Ukraine and not only in our fleet there are:

  1. Kia Rio
  2. Hyundai Elantra
  3. Toyota Camry 70
  4. Toyota RAV 4
  5. Mercedes E-class
  6. Ford Mustang Convertible

It offers tenants clean, fully fueled and serviced cars of different classes no older than 4 years. The company's fleet is maintained in excellent technical condition, all cars regularly undergo technical inspection and have insurance. Renting a car for the period of travel with additional services is a great opportunity to get a navigator, round-the-clock support, internet, a child car seat and many items necessary on the road for a symbolic amount.

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