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Complete guide to renting a car in Ukraine: What you need to know?

Complete guide to renting a car in Ukraine: What you need to know?

Back in the early 2000s. car rental in Ukraine was a service that was absolutely not popular. The expansion of business opportunities in the country and the increase in tourist flows have radically changed the situation. Now the service car rental in Kyiv and in all major cities of Ukraine has become an important element of the tourism industry and business segment.

Car rental fleet in Kyiv

Introduction to car rental in Ukraine

Car rental in Ukraine is a relatively new service, the intricacies of its use are not known to everyone. For this reason, we have prepared a detailed guide to this service, which contains all the information on how to use it, how to choose cars, what to look for when signing a car rental contract, and what additional opportunities car rental company clients have. We start our guide with an overview of the car rental market.

General overview of the car rental market in Ukraine

Since the early 2000s. The car rental market in our country is experiencing rapid growth in competition. And the income from this business increases on average by 8-9.5% annually. According to experts, by 2026, income from car rental for business will increase annually by UAH 0.17 million, and from rental of leisure vehicles – by 0.1 million UAH.

At this rate, by 2027 the market volume will be 10.55 million USD. Such prospects help car rental services strive to improve the quality of customer service and expand their fleets. Now on the Ukrainian car rental market you can rent a car of any class. This can be either an economy car or a premium model. Such a wide range of rental cars makes the market accessible to customers of any budget.

car rental for companies

Importance of car rental for tourists and business travelers

Car rental services have already managed to adapt to local conditions and can offer clients rental cars that will ensure comfortable and safe movement on Ukrainian roads. Also, companies have already thoroughly studied the needs of their customers and offer them services in addition to car rental that can satisfy them. An individual approach and transport adapted to local road conditions make car rental an attractive service for both local residents and foreigners who come to the country for business or tourism purposes.

How to choose the right car to rent

When planning a trip, the first thing you need to think carefully about – choosing a car to rent. Not only the comfort of travel, but also the safety of the driver and his passengers depends on its technical characteristics, class and condition. First, let's look at the basic criteria for choosing a car to rent.

Car selection criteria

You need to choose a car to rent based on the following criteria.

  1. Vehicle size. When choosing the size of car to rent, you need to take into account the number of passengers who are going on the trip, as well as the volume of their luggage. For family trips, it is better to rent a high-capacity car with a spacious interior and a large trunk. Minivans and SUVs are suitable. Such cars can accommodate a large group of travelers and all their luggage. For couples or single trips, it is more economical to rent compact cars.
  2. Class. Those who are looking for how to save on car rental in Ukraine, First of all, you should pay attention to the class of the car. For everyday trips around the city, it is most economical to take economy class cars. If the tenant is willing to pay more and wants to travel with increased comfort, he can rent a premium car. Middle and business class combines an affordable price and a sufficient level of comfort. Cars of this class are affordable for most renters.
  3. Fuel efficiency. You must pay attention to this criterion if you are planning a long trip. The less fuel your car uses, the lower your overall travel costs will be. The most economical are hybrids and electric cars, but their choice is quite limited. Gasoline and diesel cars can also be economical if you rent newer models equipped with an improved fuel system.

In fact, there are a lot of criteria for choosing a car to rent, but we have listed the most important of them.

Tips for choosing a car depending on the purpose of your trip

Most often tips on how to choose a car relate to its technical characteristics and appearance. If you choose a car to rent, then first of all you need to consider the purpose of your trip.

  1. Driving around the city. For everyday use in busy city traffic, it is optimal to rent compact and middle-class cars. They are easy to maneuver on narrow streets and are easier to park. For city driving, you should also choose economical cars with low consumption. Fuel economy is especially important for megacities, where there are often traffic jams and hassles in which you need to stop and start often.
  2. Long distance travel. On a long journey, the comfort of the driver and passengers, as well as the reliability of the vehicle, is very important. The car you plan to rent should have a spacious interior with plenty of legroom. It should have comfortable seats and good sound insulation. For a long trip, you need to rent a car with additional options, for example, cruise control, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, etc.
  3. Complex routes. If part of your trip will involve off-road or mountainous driving, it is best to rent a four-wheel drive vehicle or SUV. Such cars have better road grip and increased cross-country ability. Additionally, you can choose a vehicle with options useful for mountainous areas, such as a descent and ascent assistance system.

Based on the listed recommendations, we can conclude that you need to choose a car to rent based on the purpose of the trip, personal preferences and, of course, financial capabilities.

What documents are needed to rent a car?
Documents required for renting a car

If you don’t know how to rent a car in Ukraine, the first thing to start studying the topic is by collecting the documents necessary for this. For local residents and foreigners, this documentation package is almost identical. Having all the necessary documents will speed up the process of signing a car rental agreement and save you from possible troubles.

List of required documents for foreign and local tenants

Documents required for Ukrainian citizens to rent a car:

  • ID document. This could be a passport or license confirming the person’s identity and age. The renter must be at least 23 years old, and for renting some car models the age limit rises to 25 years;
  • INN. This document is required for car rental only from citizens of Ukraine;
  • rights. The driver's license must be valid. Driving experience must be at least 2 years;
  • bank card. You can pay for car rental services with a credit or debit card.

Documents can be provided in the original version or through “Diya”.

Documents for foreigners renting a car:

  • foreign passport. This is a document confirming the identity of the tenant and his citizenship;
  • international rights. Some car rental companies require an international driver's license in addition to the national one;
  • credit card. It is much more convenient and safer for foreigners to pay for car rental with a credit card.

Foreign guests provide only the originals of their documents.

Features of insurance and deposits

Car rental insurance comes in two types:

  1. Required. This is basic insurance that covers basic risks. Typically car rental companies include it in the rental price.
  2. Additional. Sold as an additional option to the rental, provides stronger protection, can cover theft, various damage to the car, damage to other people.

Before signing a rental agreement, you must study the terms of the insurance to know what risks it covers and what the tenant will have to pay on their own.

Most car rental companies require renters to leave a certain deposit. This is a deposit that can, if necessary, cover various losses and fines. The size of the deposit depends on the class of car and the selected type of insurance. More often this amount is blocked on a bank card. If the car is returned in good condition, the deposit is given in full. If there were any fines, they are deducted from the deposit, and the remaining amount remains with the tenant.

To avoid disputes, before accepting the car, you need to carefully inspect it and document all the flaws it has. If you prepare all the documents correctly, study the insurance and the conditions for providing a deposit, no problems will arise with renting a car.

Understanding the lease agreement

Car rental agreement – This is a legal document, so it is very important that the tenant understands all of its key points.

Explaining the key points of a typical lease

Let's consider the main points of the car rental agreement that must be carefully studied before signing:

  1. Car rental period. This paragraph specifies from what day and time and until what date and time the car is rented. You can rent for a long term, daily or monthly. The return of the car must occur strictly at the time specified in the contract, otherwise penalties will be applied to the renter.
  2. Cost. This paragraph indicates the full cost of renting a car, including taxes and all possible fees. You need to check if there are any hidden fees at this point.
  3. Terms of use. This clause specifies where the rented car can be driven and who can drive it. If the tenant plans to travel to different regions and countries, then you need to clarify whether he has the right to do so. You also need to provide details of the second driver, who can also drive the rented car. Payment for an additional driver is made separately from the payment for renting a car.
  4. Insurance. This paragraph describes the terms of the insurance and all cases that are covered. If additional protection is purchased, this must also be indicated.
  5. Return auto. This paragraph specifies the return period and conditions: when and where the rented car must be returned.

If the tenant has no questions on all points, you can safely sign the car rental agreement.

What to check and pay attention to before signing

Each of the listed points is very important and needs to be studied thoroughly.

  • penalties. It is necessary to clarify whether there are fines for exceeding mileage, late return of the car or for returning it without washing;
  • auto state. The car must be carefully inspected inside and out to make sure that all the defects it has are spelled out in the rental agreement;
  • restrictions. You need to understand in which regions a rented car can drive and where it cannot. You also need to understand what driver actions can lead to additional costs;
  • cancellation penalties. You should find out whether the car rental company imposes penalties for canceling a reservation or for early return of the rented car;
  • Deposits and payment method. You need to carefully study this point in order to understand how to pay for car rental services and under what conditions the deposit is returned.

If you have questions about any of these points, you should feel free to ask them to the car rental manager. This will help avoid disputes and additional costs.

Signing the lease agreement

Rules and regulations in the field of car rental in Ukraine

Ignorance of the laws of Ukraine does not relieve the tenant from responsibility. If you study the legislation in advance, you can avoid many problems on the road while driving a rented car.

Local laws and regulations regarding car rental

According to the Law of Ukraine, every car must be insured. The NarsCars company insures all its cars with CASCO and MTPL policies. If the amount of damage caused to the rented car or third parties is not covered by the standard insurance policy, they are reimbursed by the renter at his own expense. To reduce risks, you need to use the services of additional insurance “Full Protection”.

According to the law, a car rental service must necessarily enter into an agreement with clients. Now in the NarsCars company it is much easier to do this, because the tenant can provide information about himself through Diya, and sign documents using an electronic signature. To share documents via Diya, just follow these steps:

  • choose a suitable car to rent on the car rental website and book it in any convenient way;
  • After successfully placing an order, the client receives an email with a link to confirm the reservation;
  • on the reservation confirmation page there is an active button “Share via Diya”;
  • by clicking on this button, the client goes to the application and confirms permission to share passport and driver’s license data in it;
  • The client receives a message that the selected vehicle has been successfully booked.

If the tenant does not have the Diya application installed, he can upload photos or scanned copies of documents to confirm the reservation. Providing documents is a prerequisite for concluding a car rental agreement.

Features of traffic and parking in Ukraine

When renting a car, you need to clearly know the traffic and parking rules in Ukraine. Local residents who have rights should know them a priori, and for foreign citizens we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the most important traffic rules so as not to receive fines for violating them:

  1. Movement speed. Follow road signs that indicate speed limits. In populated areas you need to drive slower than on the highway.
  2. Seat belts. According to traffic regulations, absolutely everyone in the car must use them. This applies to the driver and all passengers. The rules for transporting children in cars prohibit them from traveling without special car seats, the size of which corresponds to their age.
  3. Alcohol. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  4. Mobile gadgets. It is prohibited to use mobile phones while driving. It is allowed to communicate via them only using a special headset.
  5. Parking. All that foreigners need to know about car parking in Ukraine is that parking spaces marked with special markings and signs. Cities may have paid parking, as well as places with limited parking hours. Parking on sidewalks is prohibited where this is not indicated by special signs.

If any of these rules are violated, the renter may receive a fine, and the rented car may be towed.

Road across Ukraine

Tips for safe driving in Ukraine

The main rule of safe driving in Ukraine – follow the traffic rules. To make your rental vehicle trip even safer, remember the basics of safe driving and use the tips below.

Basics of safe driving and compliance with traffic rules

We list the basics that any driver who gets behind the wheel of a rented car should know and follow:

  1. Observe a safe speed. Under no circumstances exceed the speed limit on a certain section of the road. The permitted speed and permissible excess are described in clause 12 of the Ukrainian Traffic Regulations.
  2. Turn on your turn signals. If you are planning a maneuver on the road, do not forget to turn on your turn signal, this will let other road users know your intentions and help prevent an accident. You also need to take turns smoothly, especially in wet weather.
  3. Use mirrors. Before changing lanes, be sure to monitor the situation through your rearview mirrors and side mirrors.
  4. Smooth riding style. This is especially important for safe driving in the city, where sudden movements can very quickly lead to an accident.
  5. Fog lights and low beam. When driving at dusk, they should be turned on to improve visibility on the road. They must also be turned on without reference to the time of day from October 1 to May 1, if the car is moving outside the populated area.

Bare politeness will also help you to move safely on the roads of Ukraine in a rented vehicle. Sometimes you just need to let the car pass to avoid an emergency.

Recommendations for driving in different regions of Ukraine

All regions of Ukraine have the same traffic rules, so the only recommendation is to strictly follow traffic rules.

Additional services and options

In addition to car rental itself, the Nars Cars company provides a number of other services useful on the road. Some of them are provided free of charge as a promotional offer, but most often you need to pay extra for each additional option separately.

Overview of additional services such as GPS navigation, child seats, additional insurance

We will briefly describe the most popular additional services:

  1. Full protection. By adding this service to a car rental, the renter does not have to leave a deposit. He bears zero financial responsibility for damage to the body, fines in the event of an accident or theft of a car. The insurance also covers damage to wheels, mirrors and car washing. If an insured event occurs on a rented car, the renter just needs to call the police and call a company representative.
  2. Standard protection. If you use this level of protection when renting a car, the deposit for the car will be reduced. The insurance covers the same insured events as full protection, except for damaged wheels, glass and car wash.
  3. Car delivery to the specified address. You can rent a car not only at the company’s office. For an additional fee, the car can be delivered to the client at any convenient location.
  4. After Hours Service. If you would like to rent a car or return it outside company business hours, this can be done for a fee. This service allows you to receive service around the clock.
  5. Return to another city. The company has representative offices throughout Ukraine, so you can return your rented car to any of these offices. The manager can pick up the car from anywhere. Payment for the service is set separately depending on the distance to the nearest company office.
  6. Additional driver. You can add an additional driver to your car rental agreement. This is a very useful service for those who plan to travel long distances. A second driver can always take over at the wheel if you get tired.
  7. Children's car seat. According to Ukrainian legislation, all children must sit in the cabin in special seats, the size of which corresponds to their height and age. If you rent a car and know for sure that children will travel with you, then this attribute also needs to be rented.
  8. GPS navigator. This is a modern gadget that helps you navigate in unfamiliar areas. It is useful to order it for those who come to an unfamiliar city.

Very often, the company runs promotions and provides many of the additional services free of charge, so when you rent a car, you must check the availability of promotional offers.

Recommendations for choosing the necessary add-ons

When you rent a car, immediately think about what additional services may be useful on the road:

  • If you have a child traveling with you, be sure to take a car seat. You cannot transport children without it, and the seat must be selected according to the weight and height of the baby. Transporting a child without a seat may result in a fine;
  • If there is a high risk that the car may be damaged or stolen, protect yourself with the “Full Protection” service. By using it, you can be sure that all risks when renting a car are reduced to zero;
  • If you have little free time, order delivery of your rental car to the address you specified. You will not be interrupted from your work to go to the office and pick up the rented vehicle, the manager will bring it to any point;
  • if you don’t like to change your plans, want to go on a trip early in the morning or, conversely, finished your trip late at night and want to return the rental car, this is possible with the "Service during non-working hours";
  • if during your trip you find yourself in another city, then there is no need to waste time returning the car to the point of departure. It is much easier and more profitable to return the rented car to the nearest office of the company using the “Return in another city” service
  • if you want to visit many places every day and travel long distances, it is optimal to order the “Unlimited Mileage” service. or immediately choose a tariff for renting a car with unlimited mileage. This will save you from the need to calculate mileage and create complex routes that will allow you to fit within the permitted limit.

The full list of additional services and options can be found on the company’s website or get a comprehensive consultation from the manager.

Common problems and their solutions

Unforeseen situations often happen on the road. If you rented a car, you should know the sequence of your actions during an accident involving it or during a breakdown on the road. Here are some useful tips.

How to solve typical problems such as car breakdowns, accidents, problems with returning a car

If you rented a car and got into an accident, immediately call the police and car rental representatives to the scene of the accident. Under no circumstances leave the scene of an accident and do not try to “resolve” everything. unofficially.

If you rented a car and it breaks down on the way, immediately call the car rental hotline. Next, you need to follow all the instructions provided by the operator.

According to the rental agreement, the car must be returned at the agreed place and time. There are force majeure situations when the tenant fails to return the car on time or to the specified location. This must be reported to the company immediately and a new time and place of return must be agreed upon. If the rental time is exceeded by more than 2 hours, without coordinating this with the car rental company, the company has every right to demand the renter pay the rent for the whole day.

Car rental in NarsCars

Tips for saving money when renting a car

Those who consider car rental an expensive service simply do not know how to use it correctly. There are many options for how to travel economically, but at the same time comfortably, using rented transport.

Ways to reduce rental costs, including early booking and special offers

We list some of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of renting a car:

  1. Promotions. Companies often make special offers for new or regular customers, offering good discounts on the rental of unpopular or old car models. There are also seasonal and holiday discounts and free promotional services.
  2. Early booking. For many car models for rent, a discount of up to 20% is provided if you book early 1-2 months in advance. An additional bonus is not only saving money, but also the opportunity to choose a car to rent exactly the model you need, and not the one that is left in stock.
  3. Compliance with the terms of the contract. The rented car must be returned washed, fueled and without fines for traffic violations. In this case, the company will not reduce the deposit, but will return it in full. Refueling and washing the car in case of return in improper condition is carried out according to the company’s tariffs, and not at the prices of car washes and gas stations.

Choosing the right model allows you to save significantly on car rental. If you plan to drive it to work and for shopping, it is enough to choose an economy option rather than a luxurious and expensive premium car.

Conclusion: maximum benefit from renting a car

Renting a car allows you to travel in comfort, even if you don't have your own transport. You can rent a car of any make, model and configuration. You can choose it according to the purpose of your trip and your personal preferences. A rented car will help you save time on everyday tasks and enrich any trip.

How renting a car can enrich your travel or business trip

When you rent a car and go on a trip, you are not tied to an excursion group, you can drive along any route and stay at any points you like for as long as you want. With a rented car you can see hundreds of times more sights than on any sightseeing bus.

You can also rent a car to resolve business issues. By choosing a business or premium class model, you will be able to maintain your high status among business partners, impress them and tip the balance in their decision making. You can also rent a car to meet a delegation of partners at a train station or airport. This will also increase their loyalty to you and help in solving business issues.

Final recommendations for successful car rental in Ukraine

This guide describes in detail all the nuances and features of renting a car as a service. Let us briefly list the main points that will help you make car rental your favorite service:

  • Carefully choose the model of the car you rent. This will allow you not to overpay for unnecessary features without sacrificing your comfort;
  • Check your car for any defects before renting it. This will allow you to avoid disputes when returning the car;
  • Follow traffic rules and car rental conditions. Return the car washed, in good working order and with a full tank of fuel, then the company will not have any claims against you, and your deposit will be returned in full;
  • take advantage of the company's promotional offers. This will allow you not to pay for many additional services and travel not only economically, but also comfortably.

When used correctly, car rental will help you solve any everyday, business issues, make your life more vibrant, dynamic and interesting without additional overpayments.

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