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Gift for a car lover for the New Year

Gift for a car lover for the New Year

To give a person pleasure, to leave positive emotions and memories, it is customary to give gifts. If the person to whom the present is intended is a passionate car lover and cannot imagine his life without a car, put something special under the tree for him. It is important to choose a gift for a car lover, which he will certainly appreciate and use with pleasure.

TOP 10 gifts for the New Year to the owner of the car

Sometimes ordinary conversations or light hints about what the owner of the iron horse lacks for complete happiness sometimes help to decide what to give the driver. Even if the garage of the car owner is fully equipped with everything necessary, there are a few things that he will definitely be happy with. So, we choose the best gift for a motorist, the ideas and options are as follows.

1. A set of tools

Such a present will never be superfluous, especially if you choose it wisely, the main criterion of which is the filling of the case. If the driver independently and regularly repairs the car, it is important to purchase a set with the richest equipment - from pliers and a hammer to socket heads and bits.

Manufacturers produce small cases with tools for simple repairs on the road. It contains only the most necessary: socket heads, screwdrivers, ratchet, bits, hand tools. Such a case is roomy and compact, all the elements are tightly fixed, do not hang out and do not rattle.

If you need a gift for a car lover who also works in a car service, pay attention to the quality of workmanship and choose professional-class products. In addition to the purpose of the set, it is important to consider:

  • brand of car - some manufacturers produce special cases for foreign cars, which differ in the type and size of keys;
  • material for the manufacture of tools - the most wear-resistant and durable are products made of chrome-vanadium steel. It is optimal if the metal is additionally protected from contact with oil, fuel or water by hardening and galvanizing;
  • the quality of the case - a guarantee of reliability is impact-resistant plastic or metal. If the suitcase is large, the latches should be metal, but plastic ones are also suitable for light sets. The main thing is that the parts are fixed tightly and do not make noise when moving.

2. High pressure washer

Always driving in a clean car, not depending on the vagaries of the weather and queues at the car wash will allow a high-pressure apparatus - a great gift for a motorist. Before choosing a model, think about where it will be connected - the method of water supply and the type of equipment itself depend on it:

  • there is electricity - choose the option with connection to a regular household outlet 220 volts. It can be used in a private house or in the country. By the way, not only a car enthusiast will be delighted with such a gift, but also his other half - in addition to the car, the car wash will clean the garden paths, the walls of the house, the terrace and outbuildings;
  • no electricity - pay attention to models with a battery or connection to a car. They are mobile, compact, useful when traveling or outdoors. When choosing, it is important to make sure that the connection terminals, the cigarette lighter adapter and the battery itself came with the device;
  • no water - products are produced with a special hose for taking water from a barrel or other container.

When choosing, it is worth considering the power of the device, the expected frequency of operation and the type of vehicle. For rare use, models up to 1.5 kW of power are suitable, but if the sink is used frequently, buy a device up to 3 kW. You can add such a gift to the car with napkins, sponges and car cosmetics.

3. Compressor

One of the most necessary things for any car owner, which should be in the trunk in case of force majeure with tires or for traveling to the sea and hiking. The correct choice of pump depends on the frequency of use:

  • for continuous use at any time of the year - choose a powerful and durable compressor with a piston pump;
  • For occasional use or for garage use, opt for the diaphragm pump model. Its power and speed are lower, but such a compressor is highly maintainable.

In addition, pay attention to the length of the hose and power wire, it is desirable that they reach at least 3 meters for ease of operation. Depending on the cord, the device can be connected to the cigarette lighter or battery. The type of pressure gauge is analog or digital, more accurate. Material of manufacture - stainless steel is considered the most durable device.

4. Seat covers and floor mats

Most often, this is a gift in a budget segment car, which allows you to make the seats more comfortable and extend the life of the vehicle. For the right choice, you need to know not only the preferences of the owner himself, but also the color scheme, the specific model of the car.

Such products are easier to clean and wash, they protect the interior from dirt, abrasions, and pile and polyurethane mats save the vehicle floor from rust.

5. Booster (battery launcher)

If you do not know what to present to a motorist, take a closer look at a compact and reliable launcher. The device is necessary to start the engine in the event of a drawdown of a standard battery. They are compact, in the form of an external battery and multifunctional, which are additionally equipped with a tire compressor and a flashlight with a standard and emergency glow mode.

6. Jack

This is not only a necessary gift for a man in a car, a high-quality, safe and reliable jack will be delighted with auto-ladies, who are now becoming more and more on the roads. Unfortunately, the standard device from the trench set very often fails quickly, so choose a rolling hydraulic unit. You need to buy it, given the weight of the car and its ground clearance.

7. Boxing on the roof

Don't know what to give a car lover - a traveler? Of course, the roof rack. Athletes will love the special bindings for skis and bikes. Important factors when choosing a box are: high-quality materials, reliable fastenings and mechanisms, safety, simple operation, quick installation, manufacturer's warranty, attractive design.

8. Flashlight and multitool

Inexpensive and universal gifts for a car lover, which at least once in a lifetime will be useful to everyone. The main thing is to choose high-quality accessories, and they will definitely help your friend solve many problems.

9. Tool box

Where does the recipient of the gift store the tools: in the garage, at home or in the workshop? What he uses most often and what he would like to always have at hand - the type of storage system depends on the answers to these questions:

  • for large tools - there are roomy, but compact boxes for corded, hand and battery tools with organizers for small items, drawers and soft pads that protect against damage;
  • for small parts - a lot of organizers are produced with many cells and modules of different sizes, which are equipped with a plastic clip for secure fixation;
  • for the working area - vests, aprons, fanny packs and special wall layouts with pockets were invented;
  • to optimize the workspace are a variety of storage systems located on top of each other drawers. Some models are equipped with a folding handle, wheels, as well as the ability to combine and combine different drawers;
  • nets, bags, folding or hanging organizers help transport tools in the trunk.

If you decide to choose a gift for a car enthusiast in the form of a storage system, pay attention to the material of manufacture - it can be plastic, metal or a combined model.

10. Accessories

Unusual and useful gifts that will be useful to everyone, but will not litter the interior of the car will be: headrest pillows, folding shovels, blankets, mini coffee makers, video recorders, phone holders, etc.

Such little things help to maximize the use of space inside the cabin, and also solve the problems of safety, convenience and comfort for both the driver and passengers.

An enthusiastic driver will always tell you about the appearance of a new Wishlist, and you will know exactly what to give a car enthusiast not only for the New Year, but also for any other holiday.

gifts in the trunk of a car

Other gift options for the New Year

  • What can be presented to a car lover?

Everything related to cars is suitable: anti-glare glasses, a cooler bag, a thermo glass heated from the on-board network, a cover for documents made of high-quality genuine leather. If you are going on a trip to Ukraine and want to visit the mountains, but your own car is not suitable for this, car rental for the New Year will help out in the form of an original present.

  • What's cool to give for the New Year?

Driving gloves, original car stickers (for people with a sense of humor) are in fashion. If you have to drive often at night, the driver will be happy to get a sleep controller. If a friend loves speed and drive, present a certificate for extreme driving lessons, where an experienced instructor will teach him how to make a police turn, how to get out of a skid correctly and how to avoid a collision.

  • What original gift to give a man?

Creative gifts can be of very different directions, depending on the preferences and tastes of the person being presented.

Such an expensive toy as a car always requires care and improvement, but there are things that you usually don’t buy for yourself, even if you have the financial ability.

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