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What to take on the road from food?

What to take on the road from food?

It is interesting that the main part of the expenses for long-distance trips by car is not fuel for it, but food - a banal snack on the road that you forgot to take with you. Of course, thanks to roadside cafes, restaurants and fast food at gas stations, no one will go hungry, but such food is unlikely to be useful and inexpensive, and it takes up time and money. Meanwhile, thinking in advance about what food to take on the road will save you a lot of nerves, time and money.

A few practical tips

Experienced car travelers and beginners will find the following tips on assembling the brake and preparing for the trip useful:

  • do not forget to pack such important little things as sanitizer, paper towels and napkins, a set of travel dishes, garbage bags;
  • putting snacks on the road in glass containers is a frankly bad idea. In addition to bulkiness and weight, glass is an easily broken material;
  • it is very desirable to make snacks as accessible as possible throughout the journey, so that the driver does not have to constantly stop the car;
  • when packing a cooler bag, remember that the ice should be placed on top, since cold air always falls down according to the laws of physics;
  • try not to open the refrigerator more than once or twice a day in order to maintain the necessary temperature in it;
  • if your family's favorite food on the road in the car is fruit, put the most "tender" ones on top to eat them first;
  • immediately collect garbage in a bag and throw it in the garbage container at the bus stops. In this way, you will prevent the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the cabin and take care of the environment.

Prohibited products

The main thing is that your snack on the road, especially a long one, does not include perishable products, the list of which varies depending on the season. Sanitary doctors are unanimous in the fact that it is better not to take with you:

  • raw meat (like jamon or dried);
  • raw fish;
  • fermented milk and dairy products;
  • everything that has a sharp smell;
  • confectionery products with cream.

Such food will definitely not harm only if it is consumed quickly in 3-4 hours. In addition, refrain from buying:

  • sweet soda - with regular use, it increases the risk of stroke, aggravates cardiovascular diseases, diabetes. And if you do not pessimize, then she will simply want to drink even more, and accordingly, they will visit the toilet;
  • products with a high glycemic index - indeed, a sweet snack on the road first causes a rush of cheerfulness, but after it, severe fatigue will quickly follow;
  • salty food - although fast food is very tasty, salt increases the load on the internal organs, which during the trip are already experiencing stress, which can be reduced by sitting in the car correctly.

food in the car

What snack on the road will be right

Choose high-quality and useful products with a long shelf life. Avid travelers know what to cook on the road by car and recommend a menu tested over years and kilometers:

  • fruits and vegetables - suitable for consumption in raw form and preparation of any dishes. Excellent substitute for harmful chips and croutons;
  • fruit and vegetable salads - in order to avoid the release of juice, they should be seasoned immediately before consumption;
  • rolls, sandwiches, sandwiches – a convenient snack for everyone, even for the driver. Each member of the family can make a sandwich according to his taste, but it is better from long-term products (boiled chicken, vegetables). You should take whole grain bread - it is stored longer.
  • meat - well-roasted (without blood) pork and beef, which should be stored wrapped in foil, are suitable. The tastier chicken breast is boiled with natural spices and wrapped in cling film or the same foil;
  • healthy snacks – children's favorite snack on the go. However, instead of crackers, you should take muesli, cereal bars, dried fruits, granola, nuts;
  • sweets - in the summer heat, give up chocolate and candies, replacing them with candies, muffins, cookies with dried fruits, etc.

In order not to struggle with opening the packages in the car, pack the products in separate hermetic bags.

What to take with you on the road by car from food for a long distance

A multi-day trip in itself is a difficult and tiring task, a simple snack on the way will not help here, more substantial meals are needed. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to thoroughly load the car with products, a small reserve is needed in case of unforeseen situations. Put in the trunk:

  • drinking water (at least 10 liters);
  • sugar, salt, tea and coffee;
  • instant porridges and soups;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • hard-boiled eggs;
  • cold grilled chicken, cut into pieces;
  • bread, cookies.

To eat, stop in specially designated places, not forgetting how to park properly.

What food to take on the road in the cold

When going on a winter car tour, think about what to take with you on the trip from food, drink and even dishes. If more or less long stops are expected, take a camping gas stove and a supply of cylinders (approximately 1 cylinder per day, if preparing breakfast and dinner), a small saucepan, a kettle, a frying pan, disposable dishes, a knife, forks, spoons, a cutting board, etc. .

Unlike in summer, in winter you can take almost anything with you. Stew, canned goods, condensed milk, sandwiches, lard, cereals, soups, thermoses with ready-made first courses, coffee or tea. Keep a snack on the road in a cooler bag, so that the food does not spoil due to temperature changes, it is better to put it in the trunk.

Pre-cut and pack the ingredients for the sandwiches separately. In winter, take more meat products with you, they perfectly satisfy hunger. Baked and boiled meat, pork, pates, dried meat with vegetables and bread are a great option for breakfast.

popcorn in the car

What food to take on the road in the heat

In the summer, products spoil very quickly, so you need to be as responsible as possible when taking food with you to the sea. It is important not only to choose the right food, but also to ensure its careful storage. For example, replace plastic with ordinary paper, foil or cloth (by the way, experienced tourists recommend using cloth for transporting and storing meat), use special vacuum bags for food products. Make your snack on the go from ingredients that definitely won't spoil. For example:

  • bread without additives, light cookies, home-made crackers;
  • unsalted nuts and dried fruits;
  • you can take yogurt, but drink it in the first half of the day after the start of the journey;
  • ordinary sandwiches with sausage and cheese can also be taken, only cut slightly smelling cheese and sausage and eat them quickly;
  • boiled, baked or well-fried meat, making sure that it is fully cooked;
  • cleanly washed and dried hard fruits and vegetables at home;
  • I always clean drinking water. It is necessary to refuse sweet sodas.

Remember, the quality of your trip and the health of all the participants of the trip will depend on the quality of the products.

TOP snacks that can be taken on the road

It is difficult to accurately calculate the required amount of food, because on the one hand, we practically do not move in the car, our appetite decreases, and on the other hand, what else is there to do, how can we have a snack? When thinking about what to take on the road from food, stop at simple dishes tested by time and experience of other travelers:

  • sandwiches and sandwiches on whole grain bread or toast with cheese, meat, vegetables;
  • bananas and apples;
  • galets, crackers with and without filling;
  • salads from pre-cut and separately packaged ingredients. The sauce must also be prepared at home and stored separately, the dish must be seasoned immediately before use;
  • raw-dried or raw-smoked sausage, pre-cut and packaged;
  • hard, well-aged cheese;
  • mashed potatoes, noodles, soups, cereals in the form of semi-finished products;
  • instead of a traditional loaf of bread, take pita, flatbread or thin pita bread.

Perhaps the recipe for cereal porridge with dried fruits will come in handy:

  • mix a handful of instant cereal with dried fruit in a container and pour boiling water over it. Add nuts, honey, jam (in portion packs) or sugar to the porridge and mix. Delicious, healthy and aromatic porridge is ready.

A few days before the trip, in a calm environment, think over the food options and make a list of what you need. Refuse the purchase if the product causes you any doubts. Don't forget to take a prepared list with you when you go to the store so that you don't spend extra money and buy harmful or perishable food.

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